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Set of keys fell off dog leash on a walk from The Whit apartments on Pennsylvania & Vermont to/around the Indiana World War Memorial block. Walked entire block around memorial and north to the Obelesk Fountain just north of Michigan Street.Has a Toyota car key with open/lock buttons, small round black and gray key fob, 5-6 silver and gold keys and a CVS Cares, Petsmart Perks and Fry's Grocery S...
The Clermont Lions Club will be having their 68th annual parade, festival and long running rodeo, on Saturday September 15, 2018Admission to the parade and festival is Free! Rodeo cost Adults $12.00 Kids under 11 years of age are $8.00The Clermont Parade, Festival & Rodeo is an annual one-day event held in Clermont, Indiana. Located at the Clermont Lions Club Park 3201 Tansel Road, Clermont, IN...
The Clermont Lions Club is a non-profit organization, we are part of the world's largest service organization, Lions Club International. There are more than 1.40 million Lions in 210 countries & geographical areas who work together to answer needs that challenge communities around the world. Clermont Lions Club needs more club member volunteers to help serve the Clermont and surrounding communi...
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