Vivian is best as a single ferret as she does not get along very well with others. She loves to do her own thing and is very playful, but is still very cuddly with people.
Fantasma and Reno are a bonded pair. They eat raw as well as some kibble. They are very fun and playful
Eden and Niko are a young energetic pair. They love their playtime and are always fun to play with.
Lenny and Toby are a pair of troublemakers. They love getting into trouble and encourage each other in mischief.
Thunder and Houdini are a fun, playful pair. They love playtime and are always eager for people to come and interact with them.
Jessy has multiple moods, and a lovable and odd personality. She is very fun to play with. Mia is very active and loves to escape from her cage. loves to nibble on your fingers, but not too hard.
Beatrice and DixieRose are a bonded pair. Both of them are very mischevious but precious and sweet at the same time. They Love to play with toys.