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Looking for some outdoor paint colors that would brighten a fence. Only need 1/3 - 1/4 can per color. Multiple colors ok.
Looking for a working paper shredder, thanks!
Hello, I'm looking for empty kitty litter bins that you would other wise be recycling. I prefer the bucket type vs the one with the screw-on lid. Thanks!
Hey there ^_^ I'm looking for unwanted used magazines for various art projects I want to do. If anyone has magazines they don't want anymore I would love to take them off your hands.
Any type of insulation needed for a workshop. Any condition is ok. I am looking for 3.5 inches thick.
Hello, I'm looking for used magazines for a art project. If they had photos of flowers in them that would be great but I'll take all kinds. Thank you
Anything tht is in working condition. Would love to have black or stainless steel or gray if available... Plz txt 317 939 7414
I'm iso a big tv stand type thing that can hold a 50 inch flat screen. Thanks so much for any help.
Iso unwanted appliances and scrap metal.
Hello! I will be moving soon and, will be ISO moving boxes. I am willing to pick up. TIA :)
I want to trade regular quart canning jars for widemouth pint jars. They will come with caps and used lids from previously canning. Looking for as many as you wish to trade. Thank you for freecycling.
Hi... on the east side, looking for glass containers and shelving for a balcony garden. Also book cases
I'm looking for any kind of shelving. We jsut moved into a new place that has none, so all of our stuff is on the floor.
I moved and had to leave my storage behind out of state. It wouldn't fit in the car. Anyone have any kinda storage bins or old dresser or shelves they don't want? Thx!
For performance purposes, need a long hair dark brown wig. Washable would be nice.
I'm in need of some wood to make a shadow frame about 24x48" in size but rather deep any assistance would be much appreciated
I am looking for a massage table to continue my healing arts journey.
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