Used and not in the best shapejust want it gone. Scrap it, sleep in it, throw it away, use it as a dog bed... I dont care. MESSAGE ME FOR PICKUP INFO
Full sized mattress and box spring, and couch. Free. They are all structurally sound. The couch is structural fine But the leather has seen better days. All it would take is a cover, and it would serve well for years. The mattress and box spring would just need to be wiped down with a little fabric spray to get some of the dust off. Come and get it
I am moving and trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Putting the free stuff out on the curb in front of 534 Prospect. Random bedding, small appliances, some books, etc. Will be more stuff over the course of the next 24 hours. Please no extra questions on what will be put out. Happy huntingEDIT added a bed frame, more kitchen stuff, another air mattress is about to go out.
Free to the first person who can pick them up. Just old and now unneeded. They will be laying against the rear of my car on the corner.Edit As of 611 at 7 PM both are still available
King size memory foam mattress. Clean used it about 6 months upgraded you pick up. It is in a mattress bag
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