4 Hole Rabbit cage, in good condition for $75.00.Double cage with tray for $45.00.Large Cage with tray for $30.00.Large cage without try for $10.00Small cage for $5.00.Call or text me. Local Pick up in Downtown Anderson, Indiana.
This is a super solid rabit hutch in good condition. Perfect for breeding rabbits. The hutch has a divider down the middle. Comes with nesting boxes in both sides. With purchase I will also include a smaller metal double stacked cage works, but has seen better days as well as 4 water bottles and two feeders.
Nice bunny named Aspen to a good home. Had for a few years and with the travel schedule he deserves a better home. Comes complete with cage, water bottle, food, bedding. Good pet for kids. Enjoys being petted. Plays with our dogs and cat Please text for more information. Text 765-409-ooSIX3
Six Rabbit Small Animal resting boards. Plastic resting board provides a comfortable resting place in your rabbits cage This unique resting pad provides relief from the wire floor in your cages for animals with sore hocks or soft pads on their feet. Washable plastic with smooth surface that is slotted to allow droppings to go through.Click on more ads by this user for more small animal supplies.
"And though she be but little, she is fierce." Tonks is a spirited, high-energy dwarf rabbit. She enjoys playtime out of the cage and has never met a salad she didn't like. She will require an experienced owner to meet the unique needs of the dwarf b...
Can be used as a 2 hole rabbit cage bottom hole bigger than top hole or could be used as one big cage for a hamster with a r. Top cage is 8 in tall 15 in deep and 30 in wide. Bottom cage is 18 in tall 15in deep and 30 in wide. Both have slots where a tray can be put in
I have several cages and carriers for sale. I bought new ones and dont need these anymore. Contact me for details and pricing. I will sell all together too. These would be great for small breed animals cages for rabbits and the one carrier for dog or cat. The other plastic carrier would be perfect for a small breed rabbit for a 4Her.
Jeff is a big attractive bunny! He can be a little standoffish until he gets to know you. Jeff would prefer to be a free-roaming house bunny, and gets frustrated and aggressive if kept in a cage. Like all rabbits, he tend to chew on things, so you will...